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We Dream Of Everything You Already Are by Caoimhe Ní Dhónaill

Let’s break the silence and talk about losing a baby. To mark Baby Loss Awareness W­eek 2019, we have a very touching poem written by the very brave and inspirational Caoimhe Ní Dhónaill.

Caoimhe recently experienced the loss of her nephew Domhnall and has felt that in writing this poem she has been able to translate her feelings into words. At a time of great loss and sadness this poem is a way Caoimhe feels she can honour Domhnall and how much his tiny life has profoundly affected their family, and every day they have going forward.

Thank you Caoimhe and you family for trusting us with this. Grief is the price we pay for love.

If anyone has been affected by baby loss SANDS NI (Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Support) are an amazing organisation who offer support to bereaved parents and families.

See link below:

Poem by Caoimhe Ní Dhónaill

Illustration by Grace McGuiness

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