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Shop local this Christmas part II

December has arrived!!! So we decided to add some more shop local ideas for our Irish readers. Cheryl is taking the lead on this one as birthing day should be arriving soon for me, arguably the best locally made early Christmas present ever.

Lyndsey xxx

Shannon McShane – Silversmith/Jeweller

Shannon McShane

Shannon is a silversmith/jeweller based in Belfast, Ireland. Since graduating from the University of Ulster, Belfast in 2011, She has set up her own studio and business in Belfast city centre. Shannon creates conceptual pieces for exhibition, ready to wear ranges and bespoke commissions.

Shannon's inspiration is drawn from the coast surrounding where she grew up. Deriving strong influence from the stunning rugged textures and tones of nature. Combining various silversmithing and jewellery techniques with precious metals and stones to create unique pieces of jewellery for men and women.

I am choosing Shannon as my local artist because when it comes to creating something truly unique Shannon’s skill set and experience truly stands out against the grain. Her precision and creative process results in stunning bespoke pieces to be treasured for many years to come. Shannon always takes a person-centred approach in relation to each unique customer to create an experience that deserves a return visit. I am very lucky to own quite a few of her pieces and although it would be hard to choose just one, I am always drawn to the stunning Viking style brooch which Shannon made for my daughter (Shannon is one of Alex’s Godmothers). This is something very special to have in the family that can be passed down generations.

Shannon McShane

To see more of Shannon’s stunning work check out the links below :

Emma Gilles - Sustainable Fashion.


Wooden Cross & Sloppy Joe Sweater!

Craftylabel is a Luxe Eco Fashion brand. Started out in 1999. Influenced by visits to Barcelona & Berlin. Crafty started to experiment with a patchwork & mixed media art effect. Crafty was fortunate at that time to be part of the iconic Parsons Parsons. This led to its signature style. Each piece is finished with our Crafty wink logo for authenticity. If it ain’t got the wink, it ain’t Crafty ;)

Reclaimed vintage Hoodie - £50

Eco Organic Hoodie - £65 Custom Pocket Hoodie - £70-90

Nanotechnology Hoodie - £125

Want to create your own version? Get in touch bespoke service available.

Crafty Signet Ring £225

Crafty announces the launch of the first Crafty signet ring. It must be in the blood having two prestigious goldsmiths in the family ;) Our luxurious heavyweight solid silver rings are handmade here in NI and come with their own little certified crafty booklet and box. Orders for these luxurious rascals must be in asap or yesterday.

Crafty Signet Ring

Note from Cheryl: I am choosing Crafty Belfast as one of my local artists as I’ve been a long-time fan of Emma’s work and creations. I was fortunate to model a few of Craftys pieces in the past and nothing quite compares to putting on one of Emma’s Crafty creations. Emma’s mixture of style, art, design, music and invention has led to Crafty being described as ‘One of the coolest places in the UK’ by The Guardian, also recommended by The Irish Times and featuring in various online publications.

Craftys recent trip to Paris resulted in a personal tour of the iconic fashion house Dior due to Emma’s friend who is a Couturiére (seamstress) there. Even more amazing, if that’s even possible, is the news that Crafty will have pop up guerrilla boutique in Paris – opens 2019. Secret location and invite only, now that’s Crafty.

I have my Eco Organic Hoodie ordered, if you are looking something one of a kind Crafty is the place to visit, don’t forget the wink 😉

For more information about Crafty Belfast see the links below:

Telephone - 07598018855

Co Couture

Gourmet chocolate made in Belfast, N.Ireland. Luxurious chocolates made in small batches using only the finest raw ingredients to ensure the ultimate taste sensation.

Note from Lyndsey: I buy these chocolates for all the special occasions in my family calendar. At Christmas we order a big box of chocolates to share with everyone. I recommend calling into their shop in Belfast city centre and asking for a hot chocolate or one of their stunning chocolate brownies, your mind will be blown!

For more info:

You can also visit Co Couture boutique:

7 Chichester Street, Belfast, Co Antrim BT1 4JA T: 078 8889 9647

Rachel McCarthy


Rachel McCarthy is a jewellery maker based in Bangor, with a background in illustration and music. Her hand-made wood beaded necklaces often follow the theme of natural and irregular patterns and details such as simple flowers, seaweed, clouds, birds and starry skies. The name ‘darkling’ comes from Rachel’s music project ‘the darkling air’, and she also makes jewellery for her band’s merchandise. Rachel got into making jewellery by accident, when a gift shop she was working at in Belfast ‘Kiln & Loom’ ran out of jewellery, it was a scramble to the studio to see what could be found out of hobby purchased materials. The love of making what was first of all resin druzy earrings, grew quickly, especially with positive interest and her first batch of earrings being cleaned off the shelf by happy customers at the shop. Now ‘darkling’ has its own online shop on Etsy and trades at makers markets in Belfast and Bangor. Keep an eye out on her Instagram and Facebook profiles for regular updates.

Note from Cheryl: I have chosen Rachel as one of my local artists as I am in awe at all the wonderful products, she has produced alongside being a musician (The Darkling Air) and Owner at Rachel Anne Coulter – Illustration and Design. I first came across Rachels work when sourcing a present for a friend’s new born baby, as a mother myself I always found teething necklaces and bracelets a great relief when going through the nightmare that is teething. Although described as a Sensory Bracelet on Rachels Etsy site, further reading revealed that due to the materials used (untreated wood and silicone beads being food grade standard) that this would be a great gift for parents to wear and for babies to safely chew on. The mix of wooden beads, bright colours and beautiful satin cord, plus lovely packaging makes for a thoughtful gift to parents during the dreaded teething years. I would highly recommend Rachels jewellery and accessories, obviously not just for parents. Go on have a wee peak …

Contact Info Below:

Artist Caol McDonald

Celtic Animals: Sionnach (fox)

Celtic animal series

It’s the time of year were come the evening we bolt the door, stoke the fire and peer out the curtains at the world turning winter outside and dream of the mountains and hills. In this series of prints and originals the power of nature through the eyes of the animal world is brought into your home, on your coffee table or into your little ones nursery. Each animal in folk traditions has deep rooted meanings and tales connected to its presence in human myth, stoke the imagination this giving season.

Owl, Ulchaban

Note from the artist:

This year I have recently celebrated a year of Fatherhood to our wonderful little Oscar, I'm a yoga Teacher by day and by night I spend my time painting. As an artist, what I create is my voice, what comes from within. I rarely set out to create a piece with an outcome or full picture in mind, the process is more intuitive, I will have an urge after a few days of not creating to sit down and put ink to paper. I have doodled and created art for years, and this has always been the process I have tapped into, and that voice, that process is still ongoing.

I’ve lived in Ireland all my life, and it being a small island, it’s possible to journey around and discover your surroundings become changeable landscapes quite quickly, mountains and forests to oceans and cliff views. The lens through which I perceive this world has been predominantly a visual one, my inspiration comes strongly from the raw Atlantic islands scenery and the concept of the human spirit. It’s always been my passion to try and communicate and strengthen the bond between nature and ourselves. More recently, as a yoga practitioner and teacher, I've been taking this visual lens on an internal exploration of the landscapes of human nature through yoga, and drawing parallels between these conceptual, internal landscapes and the external environment. Listening to how both yoga and art can inform how one sees the world.

The Damh & Eilid series : Stag

Note from Cheryl: I have chosen Caol McDonald as one of my local artists due to my obsession with Caol’s New Celtic Animal series. I was looking for something unique and relaxing for my daughter’s nursery when I came across Caol’s stunning artwork. Its obvious in his work his sense of self, environment, nature, the internal and the external. I personally find these images very calming to look at and quietens my ever-racing mind. I am very excited to have one of these pieces in my daughter’s nursery, to have another guardian looking down from the wall with eyes on her cant be a bad thing.

See links below for more information:

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