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Mother as Warrior

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Celebrating pregnancy, labour and motherhood through prose and photography.

Words by Cheryl Gault

Photography by Chris Barr

Dresses by Riona Treacy

Jewellery/Armour by Shannon McShane

Mother pictured, Lyndsey McDougall

The Mothers Malediction

Our power energised by woman's pain; a voice for the voiceless

She didn't scream so we will for her, as we come forth choiceless

They took our numbers, our Shrines and our divinity

We were shamed for our cycles then they stole our trinity.

Daughters do not fear those who go before you

Shields, swords, spears are now weapons we hold, not in fear but in view.

Titillating and alluring as we are repulsive

What is one to do as myriad deaths transform us

Enclosed in smouldering jaundiced rooms

With knowledge banned and hearts in runes.

Desecration governs our dreams, yet without death there can be no light

The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone bridles silence as men revel in their smite.

The condemnation of our wandering wombs

Will last no more, with night comes gloom

We ride into war and bring death with no glee

As it is above, So mote it be.

Words: Cheryl Gault

About Lyndsey McDougall

I discovered I was pregnant again when my daughter Maisie was six months old. I was shocked, we hadn’t planned it and I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage my already busy life. I’m in the middle of a PhD, I’m a singer in a band, I’m a visual artist, and I’m a mother. I adore all of these roles, they make me happy, this is who I am. It took me weeks to acknowledge and accept the pregnancy but slowly I started to get excited, this baby is meant to exist and I know I can do this.

I really wanted to mark the acceptance in some way, to have something to remind me that I’m strong and can be everything I want to be. So, I asked my talented friends to help me take photos of my bump. For me, these photos represent the mother as a warrior, in preparation for her battle through labour and the days and years ahead.

This project is about friends coming together to support and celebrate the mother and remind her that she is powerful, through prose, craftsmanship and photography.

About Cheryl Gault

Mother to Boudicca, reluctant homemaker, post natal survivor, horror enthusiast, Angela Carter obsessed and novice chariot-driver.

Creative Team

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